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Author: | Content type: Library

Improving Lustre Management with Hydra

Author: John Spray | Content type: PDF

Real World Django Deployment using Chef (Djangocon US 2011)

Author: Noah Kantrowitz | Content type: Slides

Using Celery to Handle Asynchronous Processes

Author: Matt Snider | Content type: Article

Kiki - Django-based Mailman replacement project using Celery.

Author: Stephen Burrows | Content type: Application

What's the coolness

Author: Tim Child | Content type: Article

Building Lanyrd

Author: Simon Willison | Content type: Slides

django-supervisor: Easy integration between djangocl and supervisord

Author: Ryan Kelly | Content type: Application

Experimenting with the Kombu framework

Author: Roger Hu | Content type: Article

One Mozilla Project

Author: Mozilla | Content type: Article

django-celery: Blacklist errors by class

Author: Bitkickers | Content type: Article

django-celery-email 1.0.0 - Django email backend for Celery

Author: Paul McLanahan | Content type: Library

Run Celery in the background on Windows

Author: | Content type: Article

Advanced Aspects of the Django ecosystem: Haystack, Celery & Fabric

Author: Simon Willison | Content type: Video

An alternative RapidSMS router implementation (with Celery!)

Author: | Content type: Article


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