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Tutorial: Asynchronous Tasks with Django and Celery

Author: Marakana | Content type: Video

Getting started with Celery & Django

Author: | Content type: Article

Examples of Distributed Computation with Celery

Author: Lars Butler | Content type: Article

Introduction to Celery with Django

Author: Neutron IDE | Content type: Article

Basic Project with Django Celery

Author: Chicago Django | Content type: Library

A blank project set up with Celery, Django, and Django-Supervisor

Author: Lee Semel | Content type: Library


Author: Simon De La Rouviere | Content type: Library

celery-redis-unixsocket: IPC socket based Redis transport

Author: Benjamin Wohlwend | Content type: Library


Author: Armstrong CMS | Content type: Library


Author: Mher Movsisyan | Content type: Library

Using Celery to Handle Asynchronous Processes

Author: Matt Snider | Content type: Article

Processing long-running Django tasks using Celery + RabbitMQ + Supervisord + Monit

Author: | Content type: Article

Using Celery + Python to make a Distributed Genetic Algorithm

Author: Joel Lehman | Content type: Article

Using Django and Celery with Amazon SQS

Author: Caktus Group | Content type: Article

Django-Celery, Eventlet and debugging blocking.

Author: Dctr Watson | Content type: Article


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